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Media Source for my processor


Very new to forum and hi everyone , hope this is the correct place to raise my first  question.


I have a DSP which enables me to make time correction/frequency selection and 31 band eq etc for each driver separately so that I run each speaker driver actively ( no crossover at the speakers ).

So as a result ; tweeter / midrange / Midwoofer on left and right + one subwoofer ; all are driven directly from the amplifiers running all channels ( in this case 7 channels) 

DSP has optical input and  2 amplifiers are also connected by LAN cables ( meaning digitally connected  ) to this DSP unit. 

My goal is to run a full Digital system which will be converted to Analogue at the amplifer stage just before sending the signal to speakers, so as a result I need a digital source which has a optical output , This looks simple but I need a source unit which will not touch the sound at all ( without DAC / no harmonics/no eq added.) and will just transport the digital raw FLAC (24/96KHz) file through its optical out.

I would like to run my FLAC files from an extenal HDD via USB.

I have tried  2 Media Players ( Dark & WD live ) 

Dark had a volume knob which is also increasing the source volume level via optical , also allowing me to further controll the volume from my DSP.

WD live has no volume knob, I can control volume from my DSP unit.

I know that there are digital cd players with very high accuracy and ofcourse they are pricey.


Can some please kindly suggest a digital source player ( i.e ibasso ) but with the option to play the FLAC files from my HDD.

Note1: I am also thinking Logitech SBT , but not sure if there is ant differance to WD Live.

Note2: The above system is running in my car. 


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