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SMOKIN' !!!!!!!!!! Incredible musicans!!! Cover music and great originals!!!! SRV/Hendrix/Gary Moore/Buddy guy, Albert King/ZZ TOP, and certainly Matt Oree originals. When you see this group, you understand why you want high end at home to create the magic!!!

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I'd love to hear 'em - thanks for pic!

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Ya can order his Cd's online, Shelf Life his latest is Great, the recording work is SUPERB, layers are great, the music will really give ya a treat. Matt was voted Asbury Pk 2005 song saints and Sinners #1, and local group number one, he played Stone Pony, got 4 awards, more than anybody...Incredible talent, his entire group is SUPERB. Get his CD online thanks

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Are those AudioQuest cables on the Gibson?

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I beleive they could be George L's. That's a Les Paul 59 reissue I beleive. It sounds GREAT!! I think GHS strings. Strings get changed after every gig. they get well worn with some great bends. One show, he mentioned didn't change, sho' nuff' popped one. That's also a Komet cabinet driven by a KOMET head Custom made, superb sound. Built for the rough road use. Also uses FUCHS amp head, Leslie cabinet, and a Marshall 4 12" cabinet sometimes.

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Gene B on bass, he played with the Asbury Jukes for years, Bob Pantella on drums , has played with Monster Magnet. This trio is incredible, from covers, to Matt's originals (3 cds available) Just recently, like this week WON!! the Guitar Center "district" guitar competition Wednesday nite, in NYC 14th street store. Now it's onto the regionals. Matt Oree is beyond a great musican, he is a true prodigy. Once you see him LIVE, you are a lifetime fan. Smoked the other 10 competitors. INCREDIBLE!!! You will hear more Matt Oree in the future, it's GRAMMY time....soon baby!!! Cool dudes also, incredible musicans. Get their CD's, you will love em'.

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Won round #4 in NYC Guitar Center competition!!! on to chicago!!!For final round....SMOKIN'!!!!

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