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matching preamp to amp

I'm thinking about using a Benchmark HGC as a preamp (and DAC of course) with my Quicksilver tubed monoblocs. The Benchmark RCA output impedance is 30 Ohms. The Quicksilvers have an input sensitivity of 1.25 volts and input impedance of 100K ohms.
I was hoping a forum user might be able to do the math and tell me whether the preamp will be able to drive the Quicksilvers.
Thanks and best

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It our be great to understand

It our be great to understand how all of that works. I hope someone responds. 

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Looks good to me.

The low 30 ohm impedance output of the Benchmark as source, into the high 100K ohm load of your amps easily meets the general rule that load impedance be at least 10X source impedance, or more. We are only looking for voltage signal transfer, not power transfer (current), so a high load impedance to source impedance ratio is desirable.

The Benchmark has output to 1.77 volts, so your amp sensitivity of 1.24 V is also no problem. They should be able to reach full power output.

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