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Marantz vs NAD


I am new to these forums and after reading the post about the $500 turntable, I really had a question for the poster but didn't want to hijack the thread.

That poster mentioned the NAD226 amp. I too was thinking of these but am now leaning toward the Marantz 5004 and matching CD. They both get good reviews and are cheaper than the NAD. Plus the amp has a built-in phono amp so I'd save there too. And I think they look great!

Has anyone compared Marantz to NAD? I'm looking to spend about $1000.

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Perhaps different

but not better. Marantz builds nice good sounding equipment. If it fits your requirements better than another and has the asthetic look you prefer you can buy with confidence IMHO!


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I've listened to the 5004

I've listened to the 5004 compared to various NAD integrated/cdp combos at the local brick & mortar dealer. The Marantz and NAD have slightly different sounds but both provided very enjoyable listening. I only auditioned the gear via CDs, no vinyl, so I can' comment on the phono capabilities of either. It be best to listen for yourself.

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