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Marantz SM11S1 or NAD M2???

Hello Folks;

I've been mulling over different amplifier choices over the past 2 months and have more or less narrowed my selection down to either the Marantz SM11S1 or the NAD M2. My speakers are the wonderfull PSB Sync One to which I have a NAD T763 receiver. My cables/wires are generic monster cables. Disc player is the Pioneer Elite BDP-23.

The M2 seems a better choice as I wouldn't need a pre-amp, but the with the Marantz I could use the receiver as a pre-amp until I have more funds for NICE pre-amp. Both are within my price range, power range, and by the reviews; would be wonderfull amps for the PSB Sync One.

I originally wanted to purchase the Audio Research VSI60 but the local dealer didn't want to bring one to my place for a home audition even though I was more than willing to buy pending what I heard. The M2 local dealer IS willing to do a home demo, but none of the local Marantz dealers have one in stock!

Any help would be great!!!

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Marantz SM11S1 or NAD M2

Hi Chris,
I have the Marantz PM11S1 matched up to the PSB Sync One and it is a match made in heaven.
I have many envious friends with this combination as they have spent as much money if not more and not achieved such a good over all musicallity.

As John A said in his review the PSB Sync One suits warmer sounding amps which the marantz is.
I assume the SM11S1 is the the amplifer version of my integrated.

I think the NAD M2 is a cooler sounding amp as it is based on class D technology.


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The Marantz PM11S1 is

an integrated amplifier and does not require a preamp. It is a blend of circuitry from the SC-9S1 preamplifier and MA-9S1
monoblock power amplifier. Perhaps you will want to look at it instead of the SM-11S1. Or the newer PM-11S2. The NAD is certainly more powerful, but as Blair has said he thinks the pairing of the Marantz with those speakers is very good.

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M2 vs SM11S1


I have heard the NAD M2 Direct Digital Amplifier and The Synchrony One Loudspeakers, and they are a great combo. The M2 Does need good recordings / source material though. 

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