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marantz sa11s2 wont read some sacds

Hi a and greetings from Oz

My sa11s2 player doesn't seem to want to read all sacd's. Put a disc in, displays "reading TOC" then displays "no disc" - won't play SACD or CD layer. Have tried setting it to read the CD layer first but same problem occurs. Other sacd's play fine and without issue. My oppo95 plays above sacd just fine. Any suggestions on what could be the problem??

Things tried/checked so far

Lens cleaner CD didn't do anything

All my SACD are hybrid multi layer


Regards Dave 


Bill B
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might help or not... clean the sacd

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 First you say it won't read "all SACDs", and then you say it reads "all others" fine. That seems to be rather confusing.


My Sony 5400 will not read ONE disc. It will read many many others, but not that one. It starts but then hangs up at a certain point.

My Ayre and OPPO players play that disc fine.

I suspect that getting the laser pickup re-calibrated and aligned at the factory is the only way to fix that.

The OPPO BDP-95 is probably a better-sounding player anyway; it is excellent.

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