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Marantz 2270 and limitations to components

Hi Audiophiles. Ok so I'm new to the audiophile world and need some help and suggestions. I'm going to list the equipment I have and what I want to accomplish. Hopefully I can get some suggestion on what equipment to keep and what to sell and replace with new.


1. To be able to stream music from computer (Mac).

2. To watch Netflix movies and stream movies from computer

3. To have high quality audio at reasonable price.



1. Marantz 2270 Receiver

2. Sony fwd 42Pv1 - Plasma TV. No HDMI input

3. Verizon Cable box

4. Toshiba BDX2150 Blueray - Does not send 2 channel via digital audio coxial out.

5. Apple TV - Original model with hack:)


As you can see I'm stuk with not being able to get audio from the Blueray to the receiver. Now I know I could replace the player with a different DVD player, but this unit has netflix, and ability to stream music.


Thanks for any help you can give.

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Quite the mess you have there...

To see and hear output of the BDX2150:

HDMI to DVI cable from the HDMI output on the BDX2150 to the DVI input of the Sony FWD 42Pv1 for the Blu-ray and streamed video.

Digital Coax audio out from the BDX2150 to a DAC (you will have to purchase a DAC).

DAC connected to AUX (line level) input of the Marantz 2270.

To watch and hear your cable TV: Cable box to the BNC video in on the Sony FWD 42Pv1. Audio out RCA jacks of the Sony FWD 42Pv1 to a TAPE IN (line level) input on the Marantz.

So I think you will need a DAC with a digital coax input.

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