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Dear Lord, JI, is your listening room in heaven?

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What kind of tree is that just outside the window?

Monty's picture

I think that is a Live Oak in the background. In fact, that looks a lot like the Texas Hill Country.

greener's picture

Breathtaking. It must be beautiful at night as well, the lights down and the stars as the backgound.

Don L's picture

Wow, can I start calling you dad and come home every weekend?

What a beautiful view.... and wondeful place to re-energize. :-)
Thanks for the opportunity top see it.

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Hi Jon! Congratulations for the room. Spectacular view of course, but how about the sound? I can imagine it must be incredible. I've read it some details of your audio system, I've never seen speakers like these

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It on the present?
Not scenery?

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Wonderful arrangement. The entire presentation is "to die 4" As I have said many times on this site, I'm a big fan of the Martin Logan line. I am on my second pair in 6 years and can't see going elsewhere right now...........................but who knows I could always change my mind.

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You're a lucky man!

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Great view , but dipolars backing onto all that glass ?

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Wow! I like the view. So beautiful and its very nice to stay a room like this.

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