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Machina Dynamica's new product - Super Stiff Springs

We've just come out with Super Stiff Springs, which now come cryogenically treated, are intended to isolate very heavy components from structureborne vibration. Four Super Stiff Springs are capable of supporting a load of at least 150 lb. Three Super Stiff Springs will isolate any component 75-150 lb. Very heavy amplifiers, heavy turntables like Verdier, VPI, Basis are excellent candidates for Super Heavy Springs. $12 each with free shipping. For moderate weight components such as CD players, integrated amps, lighter turntables we recommend our Cryo Baby Promethean Mini Isolators, four of which can isolate a component up to about 40 lb. For items heavier than 40 lb add another spring or more. All of our springs are now small and low profile resulting in outstanding lateral support so they frequently can be placed directly under the component without the need for a maple board or other platform.

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