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Machina Dynamica's new product, the Quantum Temple Bell

Machina Dynamica's new product is the Quantum Temple Bell, a powerful room tuning device.  The Quantum Temple Bell is a handheld Tibetan brass bell normally used in feng shui room clearing rituals that has been extensively treated such that it produces improved audio and video performance.  The bell operates quantum mechanically when it is rung in strategic locations around the room.  Machina Dynamica supplies the instructions to customers for using the bell and identifies the strategic locations.  The Quantum Temple Bell procedure takes about 5 minutes.  The effects of the Quantum Temple Bell are long lasting and results can be maintained by using the bell once every 3 or 4 weeks.  For audio the bell produces a more detailed, richer sound and for video a clearer and brighter picture, with better contrast and color saturation. Price $129.


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