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Machina Dynamica Announces New Products

Machina Dynamica has not been sitting on its hands as we have several new products to announce.  First is the CD Re-Animator, a multicolor, Multi-LED stroboscopic light gun that is used to treat CDs.  The CD Re-Animator is a smallish handheld device that is held above or placed directly on the data side of the disc to be treated and allowed to operate in MODE 1 for 3 minutes.  MODE 1 flashes Green, Red and Blue LEDS sequentially.  The CD Re-Animator treatment is permanent.  Price $179.  Batteries included.

The second new Machina Dynamica product is the Baby Promethean Mini Isolator.  3 Baby Prometheans will provide superb isolation for any component weighing up to 30 lb.  For every 10 lb add another mini isolator, so for a 50 lb component 5 Baby Prometheans are required.  If the component is relatively light, say 10 lb, preload the springs with granite or marble slab or marble or ceramic tiles so that the total load is about 30 lb. Baby Prometheans $13 each.

Our third new product is the Kundalini Dual Layer DIY Isolation Platform for which we provide the Baby Promethean Springs only.  The customer obtains the heavy masses necessary to construct the double mass-on-spring Kundalini Platform.  Three heavy masses are required to construct the Kundalini Platform, the base should be a 20-30 lb granite or marble slab and should rest on large cones. Two layers of springs and heavy masses are then constructed on top of the base, with the component placed on the topmost heavy mass.  4 springs are arranged in a wide pattern on the base. The second heavy mass is placed directly on the 4 springs to complete the first mass-spring layer.  About 8 springs required to construct the Kundalini Platform, depending on weight of component and weights of the various heavy masses.


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