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m903 A+

I was surprised to see the Grace m903 was given a Digital Processor rating of A+.  After reading the review I didn't get the impression it would be getting the highest rating, which is defined as "the best performance in those digital categories".

It has some impressive company with the likes of Ayre, Briscasti, dCS and Weiss.

I'm looking forward to reading JA's follow-up and the results of his measurements, they must be impressive!!!

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DAC A+'s

On the other hand, Eric Lichte thought the Bel Canto DAC was actually better than the two A+ rated DACs he compared it to -- Weiss and dCS -- but it  "only" got into Class A.   This is in the category of "random stuff I happened to notice," rather than "earth-shaking news," but still...

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A+ Grace DAC

As much as I like the Grace m903, I was also a little surprised at the A+ rating. At first I thought it might have something to do with just how nice the unit's build quality, and features are, which make it a pleasure to use. But the intro to the Recommended Components section states that the ratings are based entirely on "performance-ie, accuracy of reproduction".

Maybe the m903's rating is influenced by a line in the description of the Class ratings. Under Class A section it says, "With Super Audio CD, 24/96 DAD, and DVD-Audio now available, we have created  a new class, A+, for the best performance in those digital categories. Class A now represents the best that can be obtained from the conventional 16/44.1 CD medium."

EDIT: I just noticed this sentence in the section listing the m903. "To be included in Class A+, a digital processor must be capable of handling DSD or 24/96 LPCM data." but I'm still a little confused.

The m903 does sound good to me, but I have not heard most of the other class A+, or A units to compare.

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