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LUXMAN D-05 SACD/CD player noise problem

The transport mechanism of my Luxman D-05 CD/SACD player (Serial No. Y10400122C) emits high-pitched noise I can detect from my listening position about 2,5 meters from the player. It´s irritating to hear the spin noise through quiet passages of classical of jazz music and between the CD tracks. Typically, the first minutes of playing time are almost noiseless but the noise level usually rises with 2nd or 3rd track. Then again the noise usually drops to the unaudible level from about half of the total playing time. Any other Luxman D-05 owners experiencing this problem?

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no noise here

I've had mine for 2 years.... never any noise or issues at all... Get it checked out..... I'm sure they'll take care of it....

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