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Lousy to worse

Moving out in a bit over a week.  My current setup resides in a room approximately 14.33x9.25 feet with a 10 foot ceiling, which is a little on the small side for what I'm running, but I recently found out that my new room will be 11x11x10'.  Not only smaller overall but SQUARE!!  I have no choice though, as the one other available room is the exact same size.  With this in mind, I need some recommendations on how to set up my next system, anything that will help in the slightest.  All I know already is that I will have as much sound deadening up against the walls as I can scrounge up.  Keep in mind that this room also has to contain a bed, somewhere.  Am I pretty much out of luck?

Kal Rubinson
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You need some acoustical

You will probably need some acoustical paneling but the major treatment should be as much corner bass trapping as possible to cut down on the multiple and overlapping low frequency room modes.  Google "super chunk" and see whether you can accommodate 2 or 4 of these.


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