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Loudspeaker selection

Hey guys any help would be much appreciated. 

I am in the market for a new set of loudspeakers, here in Brisbane Australia my options are a bit limited.

The room is 4m x 7m.

I listen to a huge range of music. James Taylor, Van Morrison, Jackson Browne, Arcade Fire, The National, SBTRAKT etc.

My system currently comprises of Mac mini > Nad M-DAC > Nad c375bee & Nad c275bee. The Nad amps are supposed to be able to produce 300wpc in mono.... Just want to know your thoughts on the best match.

B&w - Cm8 $2200 on sale

B&w - PM1 $3000

Focal - 826w  $3900

Psb Imagine t2 - $3500

Paradigm - Studio 60 $2600

Dynaudio focus ll 160 - $2800

Quad 22 l2 - $2000

Kef - Q900 $2400

Kef - R900 $5500

My budget is around the $3000 mark unless you can highly recommend something more expensive.

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If you are running the NADs in mono you would have to stay

away from 4 Ohm loudspeakers, so that would be the first cut. The second and subsequent cuts, and final cut, I'm afraid are going to have to be made by your ears.

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