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Looking to upgrade from my Acurus DIA 100

Hi everyone,

I hope that this holiday season finds you well. I have had an Acurus DIA 100 for approximately 20 years. It was a great $1,000 integrated in its day, but I'm starting to get the upgrade bug. I'm sure that the technology has improved significantly over the last two decades. I will slowly be upgrading the other parts of my system, but I want to start with an integrated (or power/pre combo if there's one in my price range). I'm setting $2,000 as my budget, but I could perhaps go a bit higher if something really stands out from the crowd. I listen primarily to CDs. I don't have a good stereo store near me, but through much reading of reviews from many sources, I'm considering the following and would love your thoughts on any/all of them.

a. Anthem 225

b. Roksan Kandy K2

c. Exposure 2010 S

d. Creek 5350

If you feel one of these really stands out or that there's something I'm omitting, I'd appreciate your input.

Thanks so much and happy holidays!

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Integrated Amplifier.

The Creek and Exposure amplifiers are very good.

The Musical Fidelity M3i is also outstanding, for $1500 (from Audio Advisor).


Also...due to the pending sale of one of my homes, I have a M3i I will sell for $900. It is two years old and like new. Another option. Send me a PM if interested.


I don't think the Anthem or Roksan have the quality of the others; I have serious reservations about them.

Bill B
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Consider preamp + power amp combos from Vincent,  or integrated amp from them, in the high side of that price range.  check them out in audioadvisor dot com.

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