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Looking for 2nd turntable - As usual, I am confused as to what to do

So here is my scenario.  I have a Rega P3-24 w/ an Elys 2 cartridge and it is input directly to the phono stage of my Marantz AV7005.  It sounds temendous.  Nice, warm, full sound. Completely quiet and idiot-proof to set up.  Only issue is, relative to other sources, it is not very loud.  

I just purchase a Rega Brio R for my living room and I am trying to decide what to do.  My understanding is there is a real serious benefit to pairing a Rega turntable and cartridge with that Brio R.  

Initial plan was to get an RP1 w/ upgrade kit.  However, I am concerned taking a step back as it sounds like the RP1 has some weaknesses that I may not like.  

I am considering getting an RP3 with an Elys 2 and swapping it into the main system and moving the P3-24 to the Brio R.  However, the world is open to me if I move the P3-24 as I don't need a Rega to Marantz pairing.  

Given this scenario, what to do?  RP3 w/ Elys 2 or potentially a higher end cartridge like the Exact 2 or the Ortofon 2M Bronze or Black.  RP6 w/ the Exact 2 or the Clearaudio Concept w/ base cartridge or Ortofon 2M Blue and dust cover.  I want to keep this under $2000 in total spend.  

One final option would be RP3 w/ Elys 2 and an external Rega Phono Stage and the external Power Supply.  

What is gonna give me the most bang for the buck?  Should I be concerned about an external phono stage?  Will that external power supply make a noteworthy difference?  Is the cartridge more important than the phono stage or the deck itself?  The Ortofon cartridges appear to be lower output than the Regas.  Will that exacerbate my volume "issue?"

Lots of questions.  A little guidance to help me refine where I should focus would be helpful.  

Thanks in advance.  

Bill B
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yes, it's often the case that the phono will be the quietest among the sources.  Look/compare for higher output for the cartridges you are considering.

Some phono stages have different gain settings.  I am running my phono into the "correct" gain settings; if I wanted 3 dB more volume, I could adjust it to the next step (but don't really need to, I just turn up my amp a bit more).

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Phono Stage.

I strongly suggest that you put $200 into a Musical Fidelity V-LPS phono Stage, and feed that to an AUX or other channel on the amplifier.

The sound quality will be much better, and the gain will produce a louder output.

The Marantz phono stage is mediocre at best.

Bill B
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phono stage

As you note, the Rega TT and cartridge into the Brio-R should be nice.  For the other setup with the Marantz, if you want to add an external phono stage (although you said it sounds very good already), then the Musical Fidelity and others are good, but I think it's also safe to say that one of Rega phono preamps would be very well suited.

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