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Long vs short speaker or interconnects question

Hello All,

I will be acquiring a pair of mono power amplifiers in a few weeks. I am wondering what the current wisdom is concerning the pros and cons of long speaker cables vs. long interconnect cables? My speakers are Magnepan 3.7is and the amps will be a MOSFET 200W/8 ohms.

Thanks in advance.



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It depends on how long. Over and under 25' is usually the threshold.

Under 25', it shouldn't make much of a difference though I find that unbalanced, RCA cables are the noisiest and I would run speaker wire the longer distance, again keeping it under 25'. The exception would be if you live near a radio tower. Then, you want heavily shielded speaker cable and you will need to keep the runs as short as possible.

For any wire runs over 25', balanced cables are really the only good option. That being said, if you have a choice between balanced and unbalanced over any distance, balanced is always preferable and frankly, cable quality is MUCH less important.

For cables, Monoprice makes a fine quality balanced cable. I can't hear a difference between any 100% oxygen free balanced copper cables and can't see spending more for them.

Monoprice also make a good speaker wire though you have to find 100% oxygen free copper. They do make a copper coated which is absolute crap. I also like monster speaker wire for the money. You have a speaker that is revealing enough to potentially justify a premium speaker wire. Audioquest, Kimber, Nordost and Acoustic Zen all make wonderful cables.

For unbalanced cables, I am a big fan of the Audioquest Chicago line for the money. I just purchased a 10' pair to connect my subwoofer and am pleasantly surprised at how quite they are. The balance of the Audioquest line is great and I also like Kimber

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I'm not sure if you're using xlr's? but one of the benefits of balanced ic's is you can use very long runs of cable with no negative impact on the sound. Conversely you want to keep your speaker cables as short as practicable, as long runs of speaker cable can cause induce loss, distortion etc. One of the benefits of running mono blocks is you can use shorter runs of speaker cable. That's the way i'd go.

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If the interconnects are balanced (XLR) put the monoblocks close as possible to the Magi's and run XLR's. XLR don't mind length. Speaker cables do. Tell me what is that Amp's DF and what cable length you need for the speakers, and I can calculate the guage required for you.

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Speaker cables

I have used several speaker cables, Transparent, MIT, Audioquest. I bought a set of bi-wired Analysis Plus Black Oval 9s and will probly never buy another cable. Amazing bass response,(which is their claim to fame), and my soundstage seemed to reach past the side walls. And half the price of my MITs. (Music Interface Technology)

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