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Long Time Reader, New To The Forum

Hi Everyone, I've been a reader for quite some time and am active on several other forums (mostly diy stuff) and just discovered this one. I retired from working for others to pursue my passion for audio design. My present system (seems to change daily according to my spouse) Is all tube electronics except an Oppo 83SE. Dual and Pro-ject turntables, Dynavector, Benz Micro and Grado cartridges, phono preamp, line stage and power amps are of my own design feeding Martin Logan Vistas. Lots of spare gear that finds its way in and out of the system from time to time.

I particularly like the section of the magazine on entry level systems, not that the others are deficient in any way, just that section seems to have a lot of relevance to folks thinking about high quality audio but are turned off by the apparent high entry fee. The best of anything is likely to be costly, but there are less expensive and really quite excellent systems to be found.

Good Listening

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