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Living Room with Superb Acoustics

I read Art Dudley's "Listening", "You Gotta Move", and the part about searching for a place with good acoustics hit home. I was always dissatisfied acoustically with every space I lived in until I purchased an apartment 16 years ago in Brooklyn, in the old schoolhouse in Cobble Hill on Pacific between Court and Clinton. The living room has phenomenal acoustics and got even better after a renovation. It's like this space was created exactly for me. It's 19'x17.5', with 14' high ceiling, a massive brick wall (behind the speakers) going the entire width and height of the room all the way down to the floor below (so it's about 19'x27'), hardwood floor, irregularly shaped, opening to spaces behind. The speakers are positioned about 4' away from any wall. (I listen 2 channel only.)

Is there a website where you can list such properties and possibly post pics?


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