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Live Music Special Event Saturday 6/25 @ AXPONA NYC

On Saturday afternoon of AXPONA NYC, audiophile-favorite violinist Arturo Delmoni (Concertmaster of the New York City Ballet) will present a unique demonstration in the Empire Room, on the hour at 1:00, 2:00, 3:00, and 4:00 PM. Each demonstration will last approximately 15 minutes.


Dr. Delmoni will play the solo part from the second movement of Karl Goldmark’s rarely-heard Op. 28 Violin Concerto in A-minor, accompanied by a new transcription for pipe organ by Stephen T. Martorella of the orchestral accompaniment, heard in a recording made this week by John Marks of the historical Hook organ of 1834 in The First Baptist Church in America, in Providence Rhode Island.


The purpose of the demonstration is to prove the ability of high-performance audio to enable a “suspension of disbelief” and to transport listeners to another venue, and into a changed emotional state.


The retro-inspired playback system will include Audio Power Laboratories’ monoblock tube amplifiers, which use complementary pairs of 833C radio-transmitter power tubes from the 1940s, and Wharfedale’s “Airdale Neo” loudspeakers, which are a modern homage to a classic Wharfedale design of the 1930s.


Arturo Delmoni appears through the courtesy of John Marks Records.


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