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Listening to high quality music via YouTube

My understanding is that if an author has uploaded a file to YouTube and claims it to be 24-bit 192 KHz loseless FLAC, then YouTube will convert it to AAC MPEG-4 (or equivalent), potentially reducing the audiophile sound quality (assuming the recording artists produced a high quality recording). Although my equipment can potentially play 24-bit loseless FLAC files (e.g. via PC/laptop), it doesn't tell me the bitrate prior to digital-to-analogue conversion if sourced from websites such as YouTube. Is there anyway to restore a compressed audio (or video audio) file to the original 24-bit loseless quality? My goal is to listen to a sound that is as close to the original recording with minimal digital degradation in the chain. Playing SACDs is not possible. I know downloaded native 24-bit loseless FLAC files are large, for example, around 100 Mb for about three minutes, so it is understandable that there is file conversion/compression using today's Internet broadband bandwidths for streaming audio via websites (or apps) such as YouTube.

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