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Listening, formats and A.D.'s audio snobbery

I love AD's article as it seemed spot on to me.  I own no gear in Stereophile's recommended components, that I know of, ever and yet I love listening on y midland systems, and I have never begrudged any for owning expensive gear or, thought they were nutty or in need of serious help. Although I did write a "Phile" LTTE about that Crazy-Priced Rockport TT when it first appeared. Then the Continuum came out to really shut me up for good. 

I enjoy each of my 4 very average systems every day and even enjoy when my friend post comments on some new expensive DAC or even a cable that cost more then my main system and enjoy what they tell me they hear, often on FB, I am grateful for the read. 

I also love  when Micheal Fremer reviews phono stages thet cost more than my first 3 houses and I'm pretty sure people who own them are enjoying their vinyl experience. Keep it up. I love Dr. Karl's writing and new SACD recommendations and JMR's newest recording project or new affordable gear finds.  SM's entry level is perfect for new audiophiles and their interests. 

I love A d's TT projects and always await his next attempt to,take turntable ignored, or at least forgotten about by the previous owner and make is something to be adored and used for its intended purpose, even in mono. 

The woman remarked about in AD's piece may also be in the many 10s of thousands who eagerly await the next IPhone or IPad, maybe even standing inline to be one of the first "early adopters"' just like vinyl lovers who line up early at trade shows outside the vinyl sellers' booths. Passion is often good. 

I think lining for an early phone purchase IS nutty. Whoops, I guess I am a snob. Not really. That phone thing I just don't get.

I lucked into a great find from our high sshool library where I teach Math...they gave away 61 brand new TDK and Maxell cassette tapes that no one else wanted...easily worth $200+ and never opened. They ranged from TDK "D" to mostly type  II tapes and about 10 metal partical versions.

Since I've kept my Denon DRS-810 and a Technics RS-B48R in excellent condition I made a sample tape off both my Yamaha P-550 and from my Yamaha S-1800 DVD/SACD/DD-A/CD player and keeping the levels below 0 I was pleasantly surprised that for 1 7/8 ips, it sounded more then acceptable with Dolby C . Of course the cd was quieter, with greater HF extension, but I still fully enjoyed my cassette experience just as I do spinning my 3 TT's every day, and listening to 2496 files, including my own University recording in 2496. 

I am not snobby about gear or what others enjoy and I am not snobby about formats, either. if it sounds good I am in. My life would be considerably emptier without music and the gear to play it on. Many would think what I've spent on gear  nutty. I appreciate audiophiles and writers who have informed me along the way.  I only regret that so many have missed this hobby and an opportunity to enjoy music in a better way with more involvement. Listening to music should not always be a "secondary" activity. 

We Audiophiles are NOT snobs. 

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I think the term snob is misunderstood in this context

I've met many people who I thought were snobs at the time. As I've aged and looked back, I think they were simply unwilling to devote the needed time and effort to educate me on things that were either too complicated or involved for me to grasp within a brief amount of time. If an unwillingness to offer their time without compensation for my benefit qualifies as snobbery, then they were snobs. I suspect they were simply protecting their value of time.


Some things simply have to be learned through experience  to appreciate and understand.


Btw, good to see you, Jim. It's been a  long time.



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  I also enjoyed Art's -As We See It . I always get a chuckle from his eloquent and tactful way of conveying his thoughts .

  His mentioning the snob aspect of the hobby hit home as a few years ago I experienced a taste of the above .

  After much soul searching I made a decision to scale down the size ( not the quality ) of my audio system , mostly because the equipment was taking over much of are house . Since my analog source was the biggest part of the problem I conceded in retiring it . I tryed to scale down the analog part , but it just wasn't working . I gave my daughter ( 13 ) one of the turntables , a cleaning machine, some set up gear and a few hundred LP's , as she had a small LP playback system in her part of the house . A friend purchased most of the other gear and a few thousand LP's , shelves etc , etc ,etc . Three truck loads and many tears later the deed was done , luckily this long time analog diehard is able to hear the equipment on occasion .

The snobbery part of it showed up when members of are audio club showed up for some cable A/B tests . Although this bunch of folks had conceded that my digital source was on the same level although different than the analog riggins , these fellows spent most of the evening heckling my decision and joking and commenting that I was no longer a real audiophile . At first it didn't bother me as i've done my share of bad audio jokes over the last four decades . But eventually it sounded like these fellows were serious but trying to do it in a friendly way .         

After much more soul searching I decided that it was going to be harder to do without my analog audio buddies than it was to do without that part of the play back system . The wife had overheard a small amount of the ruckus and was in disbelief that after wining and dining and entertaining these people that they could be so rude and was adamant ( a rarity ) that i refrain from entertaining them in are home again . I had to agree .   

So unfortunatly snobs do exicst in audio circle's but in my experience it was the analog junkies that were discrediting this great hobby .

Interestingly , there was one lady audiophile/music lover in this bunch , she was the only one that was respectful of my decision and was visibly embarrassed by the response . She was welcomed back .

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