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Linn Classik CD receiver and integrated amplifier

I got a great deal on a Linn receiver with CD player at a thrift store. When I got it home, it would not play a CD and the radio did not work. I was about to return it when I popped off the top and found a loose CD. I removed it and the CD player worked fine. In fact, I even used the offending loose CD to test it. I have tried to reset it to the factory specs or settings, but the radio still does not work. I hooked up an antenna, but I get no signal. I am keeping the unit because I am not that interested in a radio, and I could get a separate tuner if I was inclined to do so. Otherwise, everything is great. It is a very nice CD player/amplifier.

Although the tuner section could just be out, I suspect there is a software issue and that there may be a way I can get the radio to work. I would not listen very much, but it would be nice to know everything worked. Note that the signal strength is zero. Even the very strongest station yields no sound or reaction. If even one station came in, I would know to just get a good antenna (I used a folded dipole), but such is not the case.

So, has anyone out there owned one of these units and/or know enough about it to give me any hints or ideas?

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You need to contact Linn and get a reprint of the owner's manual; that is the first place to start.

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