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Line Magnetic 219ia or Doge 8 &9? after a number of months mulling over my amp options I've come to a rather strange conclusion in terms of amp choice.

I keep coming back to the line magnetic has great reviews and the build quality seems to be first class. I also rather like the industrial looks.

However, just recently I came across the Doge 9 mono blocks and Doge 8 pre-amp. Great reviews for the pre-amp, but virtually nothing for the mono blocks. They look to be fantastically well made, but without any reviews, it would be difficult to justify.

So, I'm really looking for some advice....2 very different options, but both interesting / unique in their own way.

Does anyone have any views / experiences to help with the decision.

I recently purchased a pair of Tekton Pendragon speakers, which should be an excellent match for either of these amps.

The price for these two options is virtually identical at around the $5k mark. I can't see anything US / European made that will come anywhere near at this price point in terms of specification / performance.

The only other amps I saw that tickled my interest were the Coincident 845ia and the Icon Audio 845PP

Many thanks


Allen Fant
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I,too, am interested in both

I,too, am interested in both the Line Magnetic & Doge 8 models.

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The Doge's arrived Friday!

Well, after much deliberation I decided to go for the Doge 8 pre-amp, Doge 9 monoblocks and also added in the Doge 6 cd player. They arrived Friday on a large crate...triple boxed and very well packaged from the Doge factory direct. Just a week shipping time from Changsha to Houston Texas via Cincinnati! Amazing to think airfreight was included in the already excellent must have cost a bit to ship these monsters.....combined weight is in excess of 260lbs.

So far I can only say that I am more than happy with the sound of these units....especially knowing they still have some time to bed in, so to speak. I just got the stock tubes and thought I'd upgrade later if I felt the need.

I'll come back and give some more impressions when I've done more extensive listening, but for now I think I made the right choice in terms of sound v's value.

The benefits of having such power is obvious, but it's the other aspects that are already surprising me. The phono stage of the Doge 8 is incredible. I've been listening to some old vinyl that I hadn't listened to in years and the sound was transformed. The updated Doge 8 LP has only mm, they eliminated the MC option I guess because it was the weak link in an otherwise superb phono stage. The stock unit uses SCR caps, not the Wima caps used previously.

The build quality is excellent in an industrial sense! It's not the last word in final finish, but it is clearly built to last and the components/ wiring used looks to be top notch. I guess this is where the Doge needs to find some economies, clearly with the top cost hi-end valve amps from the US and Europe, part of the astronomical cost is expended in the final fit and finish demanded. I'm not saying that the Doge is lacking at all at this price point, it just hasn't got the sublime finish of $30,000 plus gear. However, I'm more than happy with the overall build of the Doge units.

There are several great reviews of the Doge 6 and 8 units , but there is zero coverage or reviews of The Doge 9 monoblocs on the web. There are some older reviews of the Jolida Music Envoy monoblocs, but from my perspective, the Doge 9's are significantly upgraded in just about every respect. Once I get some more time on the clock I will post a more detailed review of these. I think they deserve more attention!

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Hello, I am considering a

Hello, I am considering a Doge 8 and Doge 9 combo . Do you have any feedback since you have owned them for a few months now?

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Doge 9 = big thumbs up!

Thought i should add something about the Doge 9 as im in the middle of the upgrade process to bi-amping with the Doge 9 with my speakers, and couldnt find many thought i should share :)
Ive had the Doge 9 monoblocks with the preamp for over a year now ( paired with the B&W 800d ).
For the money, i dont think you can do any better, and i think they punch well above their weight.
Have the upgraded the tubes, i forget which ones sorry!
But if your after quality sound for only 10k, you wont go wrong with these!

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