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Been thinking of trading up my Levinson #431 amp that I've had since new , six and a half years . We would likely stay in the Levinson line , since our entire system has been voiced using this amp . Has anyone tried the #500 series of amp's or compared them to the old . The salon I frequent has made me a honey of a trade up deal . The good folks at Audio Ark will let me bring one home or anything for that matter , but the amps are big bruisers and I'm getting pretty rickety so I don't want to muscle one home unless I'm pretty sure it won't be going back . Other gear is ( Revel Salon ones , Ayre KXR , Ayre C5mp , Levinson #360S DAC ) , there is a full description and pictures on Agons site , same user name , system name is ( built in budget beater ) , page one last time I checked . I was also waiting for a review in my favorite mag , hint , hint , nudge , nudge .

Regards Tim

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