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There are front and rear grille covers, the rear cover is shown off to the side. Front grilles are left off. I like the exposed WOOD. It's fine woodworking, fit and finish is superb. What wood be cool if they had different color grille covers, instead of just the standard black. Maybe a BRIGHT RED, or soft hue of a earth tone beige, or some eggshell. Designer shades. Hey, Bill D. could have the "signiture" series. Seasonal color covers. Beauty is only skin deep, ugliness goes all the way to the bone.

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Jeff takes great photos, that camera does a GREAT job. Well done, it brings out the beauty of WHISPER, it has great woodworking.

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I hate to be a partykiller, but DAMN those speakers are down right ugly. Looks like a totem with 2 pairs of eagleeyes staring at me... And with their naked asses exposed like that? Goofy!

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Trane, let's see a picture of your back side....and exposed front....NO WAIT!!! Never mind, let's NOT!!!!!!!!!!And I bet you can never SOUND as good as this WOOD does. As long as there are Legacy WHISPERS, why are you listening to anything else?

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Cool, I agree, I AM da' is, he is a cool dude. And even Jeff, who has now "ignored" me...but I bet he is sneaking a peek once in a while..come on Jeff, you know you are.

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From a visual standpoint these speakers define the quintessence of the word, 'loudspeaker.' They LOOK like loudspeakers. They LOOK like they work, because there is no visible violation of accepted acoustical design. They ARE sexy if you think the Black Forest is a cool place, and pine for the time when leprechauns still walked the Earth. They are VERY European, very grandfather clock, very 19th century American midwest, when items did what they were supposed to do, and looked good doing it, within the accepted parameters of subdued, classical good taste. I respect the speakers for being sensible and exciting at the same time. They exude power and tradition simultaneously. They are clearly not for everyone, and you can damn well bet there's a sneer behind that statement.

Again, great room, great rig, and, as always, DUP is the man.

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Great speakers, look like they can pump out some realistic levels and do the quiet night levels too.

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