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Legacy Aeris Speaker

Did anyone else get to hear the Legacy Aeris at Axpona?

I checked out all of the big rooms and Legacy was the best sound at the show for me. They had two systems set up on adjacent walls. It was useful to compare the new Aeris with the Whisper XD- they were both driven by similar Coda amps. Whisper had a bit larger soundstage but the imaging was spot on with both Aeris and Whisper. Dynamics for days, and incredible low end extension.

The fit and finish is top notch, and their prices are really down to earth (still outperforming the super expensive models from other rooms).

Did anyone else get to hear these, I know Robert Harley gave them Best Sound at Rocky Mountain.

Legacy Aeris at AXPONA

Also this BMC amp was killer, really well built- check out the inside!

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Well it looks nice, but I've

Well it looks nice, but I've only heard Legacy one time a couple years ago.

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