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Least expensive loudspeaker..

It is amazing how much the frequency response of the least expensive speaker you have ever reviewed looks like a typical (Focal Tweeter based) Wilson Audio loudspeaker response. Maybe this is who Dayton was modeling the response after (kidding). I have to admit though, that the response of Wilson's scanspeak tweeter based creations are looking a lot better..

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New tweeters?

Are you referencing the new non-metallic tweeters showing up in Wilson speakers?  I've found that materials dictate the resultant tone of the sound they reproduce and nothing get's cymbals right like a metal dome.  Berrylium, paper, silk etc just don't ring with the correct overtones and shimmer.  Diamond aint bad, but I liked the inverted Titanium tweeters Wilson has used in the past compared to the overly polite and smoothed out trendy tweeters being implemented now.

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