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Lamm LP2 Deluxe

Any opinions on the Lamm LP2 Deluxe?

I have a limited set of options when it comes to auditioning phono stages, but I have heard the Nagra BPS (great detail but a bit too clinical) and VPS (nice overall but a bit too bloomy with vocals). I'm looking for something right down the middle - dynamic, energetic yet warm.  

I did hear the Lamm room with an Onedof turntable at CES 2012, and it was spectacular. But given the various synergies, it's hard to tell how individual components may have contributed to the overall impression.  I have a Brinkmann Bardo, the current Graham tonearm and Benz LP-S MR cartridge, and a new VTL IT-85 amp.

I'd be curious to hear what you think of that potential combination with the Lamm.

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