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Bill B
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Kudos to these audio companies

In the past couple weeks I've had interactions (related to repairs or advice) with representatives from Pro-Ject and Sumiko, Grado, and Audioengine.  In every case they have been helpful, informative, friendly, and knowledgeable.  Nice job, guys.

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I've had good results getting

I've had good results getting problems resolved in the past, from various companies. It's a great feeling when something goes horribly wrong, or even slightly wrong, and after the initial disappointment, you find that the company stands by their product and makes it right! I think approaching a company/customer service with a positive attitude, giving them every opportunity to resolve the issue, sometimes works wonders.

The last audio issue I had was when I dropped the Grace m903 remote control, breaking a chunk off the rear corner. It is such a nice remote, I was really bummed out. I emailed Grace Design asking if It would be possible to purchase a new back cover. The reply I received a few hours later simply stated that a new back cover was being mailed out to me that day. Couldn't ask for more.

My best story (I might have told it before) was in 2011, when Sony replaced the LCD display assembly on our 2008 XBR4 46" HDTV. After ours failed, I found there is a known defect where a lot of the original LCD panel connections on this model failed. But I also found that Sony had extended the original warranty on these displays to 5-years, so an otherwise $2,000 repair was no charge. That was a big relief.

JoeE SP9
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Years ago I called Dynaco about a capacitor I had melted while assembling a PAT-4 preamp (yeah I know they sucked, I sold it within a week of final assembly). When the engineer I spoke to on the phone found out I lived a couple of blocks away he suggested I come buy and pick up a replacement. Half an hour later I was talking to the engineers and technicians who made up Dynaco. They gave me a couple of replacement capacitors.

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