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kt88 tubes soft medium hard? New owner of a tube amp and need help!

Hi Everyone

I just bought a used jolida 502b and want to replace the 6550 tubes with a quartet of gold lion kt88s Genalex. The problem is that i don't understand which ones i need to order hard,soft or medium. Are these tubes for stereo amps or guitar amps? This is my first tube amp so i really don't have a clue.

Paul Welch
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  Call the folks at Upscale


Call the folks at Upscale Audio in Upland , CA they have many suggestions on which tubes to try.

The Jolida 502 b is not as musical sounding as the 202, 801 and JD1000. 

My 801 which also uses 6550s is just a very musical and powerful amp, highly recommended!

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