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Nice setup...I miss those Dynaco A-25s. I can still hear 'em now!

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Circa 1969 I built a PAT-4 preamp and a ST-120. Hooked them up to a pr. of AR-2ax speakers and had an old Dual 1019 table with a Shure M91E cartridge. Oh and I nearly forgot....I ran some really cool lamp chord I bought at the local hardware oxygen-free Cu., no gold connectors....but I can still remember the goosebumps first time I fired it all up. Priceless!

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Thanks, Stereophile for hosting this Gallery. I've enjoyed Stereophile as a subscriber on and off for almost three decades . . . Just added a pair of Klipsch Forte IIs and a Teac A-550 RX cassette deck so I can play my old dbx encoded tapes recorded on a Teac deck that I sold years ago . . Thanks to eBay I'm re-living some great aural memories on this vintage system

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Very nice... you HAVE to appreciate a music lover who likes to kick back with the old Revox A-77. Back in the says when Teact and Revox were Lings of tape decks...

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Nice set up! I like the shelf system too, modern I'm sure but has a mid-century retro look about it. The reel to reel makes it all come together!

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Ah, the Dynaco ST70 and PAS3! Good to see them again. I miss reel to reel too. Thanks for the memories. You have a nice system there!

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Thx for the post. The Dynas are in nice cosmetic shape and the PAS3 has been given a nice go-thru by previous owner (teflon/silver wiring, caps etc) but the Stereo 70 needs some TLC and I'm trying to figure out who to send it to for a nice rehab . . .

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Speakers look like Scott, are they?

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Man, this photo is so great on so many levels. I owned both the AR 3a's and the Dynacos and the AR turntable and never should have let any of it go. I know you are turly enjoying your system. Kudos.


I had Linn and Naim in the 80's. Don't know if it was because I was new to the hobby but, man, those were the days...

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Fantastic. Jealous. Zero pretension audio!

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Excellent system.

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