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KEF Reference Model Two experience
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Do you have the shorting straps connected? I listened to the model 2 with the 3rd iteration of the uniQ driver and they didn't lack treble so the tweets are blown or xover baked. Kef Reference generally plays best with quality components and can sound a bit siblant with cheap electronics, in fact if you're using a denod receiver you may be happier with a pair of Q5 speakers. btw kef only supports their products 10 years something to consider buying used.

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Rokk wrote:

Hi everyone! I'm new around here.
I've been doing music production, running a project studio for 15 years and recently made plans to build a studio focused on mastering. It is for this purpose that I'm looking for some great hi-fi speakers as my main monitors along with my trusted pair of nearfields. For the start I don't want to break the bank, so my budget is $1500 for a used pair. I've read great things about older KEF speakers and I had a chance to listen to a pair of Reference Model Two (the guy is selling them for $650), powered by a top of the line Denon amp (I don't know the model). Of course, I'm searching for a speaker with a very natural, balanced and open sound.
While the KEFs really impressed me with their clear and defined low-end, quite stunning hi-mids and absolutely wonderful soundstage I was somewhat surprised (in a bad way) at their highs. I didn't expect them to be very airy, but to my ears they lack anything substantial above 10kHz. Since I love these speakers in all other regards I'm curious to hear from others who have experience with them about their hi frequencies. Is the midrange driver playing tricks on me, bringing mids so much forward that it overshadows the highs? I didn't find the highs harsh, although not the
Thank you very much!


Those KEF Reference Two speakers are very good speakers, but you would never know it driving them with the wrong kind of amp.

You will never know what those speakers can sound like using a Denon amp.

Spend the $1500 on a Musical Fidelity M3si integrated amp and you will find out how good they can sound (and how crummy the Denon sounds by comparison).

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