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Just picked up a vintage Ariston RD11S

I have several large record stores...albums...close buy, so I decided to take advantage and get a turntable.  I found a used Ariston RD11S.  There is just something really cool about spinning records on a vintage turntable.  I'm rather alarmed at how good it sounds, and it really hurts to have anything labelled "vintage" that I remember wanting new.  I'm replacing the cartridge and having it Serviced, but it really is a fun add, and makes things seem like hobbie again.  Not something I would feel about a new one.

You have to lift the platter off to get to the belt.  The platter is amazingly heavy.  

Has anyone owned one of these, and has any advise about setup?  The table has an interesting history, as it very closely resembles (not by accident) an old LP12.

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