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Just got my first place...

Hey guys!

Well let me start off with a few details about myself.
-I am in the military so I move around every year or so.
-I am in my first apartment so I am hesitant to making any holes in walls since I have no idea how to.
-I don't really know much of anything about putting together a HTS.
-I like to listen to electronic music and play video games so that's what I would primarily be using these speakers for.

What I am wanting is a quality receiver that I can keep for a long time. I don't mind putting down a few more bucks on this since its more permanent. I checked out the Onkyo TX NR609 but wanted your opinions before I do anything.

Speaker and sub wise I haven't been able to narrow my search at all because of the variety. I just don't known what I should look at and what to choose over others. I have a regular size living room but no shelves around to put speakers on. Would floor speakers be more of my thing since I will be moving over the years?

My idea is to buy just a few speakers now and acquire more over time so my current budget is < 1000.

Thanks in advance for the help and advice!

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I was kind of in the same

I was kind of in the same boat, here's what I did and I have been happy thus far.



I looked at a lot of these in the $3-400 range and dailed in on a Pioneer Elite VSX-32, Denon 1612, Onkyo (don't remember the model) and a Yamaha (don't remember the model). I decided on the Denon for the following reasons, which may apply to you... I have all HDMI sources going into the receiver, therefore I did not want my receiver to touch any of my video signal, like upscaling etc.., just pass it right on through to my HDTV. So just based on audio, I wanted the best for what little money I was willing to spend. The reason I picked the Denon 1612 is because I was not interested in a 7.1 system, the large majority of movies, video games, music are all 5.1 format and honestly, 5.1 sounds great. Another reason I chose the Denon is because that amplifier has 5 discrete amplifiers, 1 dedicated to each speaker channel. The Pioneer, Yamaha and Onkyo have one amplification source that gets divided to each channel. I like having dedicated amplifiers to each channel, I know that each channel is getting pure un-divided juice. The final reason I chose the Denon is because it has Audessy speaker calibration. Plug in the included microphone and press go, the whole thing sets itself up.



I was also looking for a good first set of speakers, I went with all Polk Audio TSi series for the L+R+C, and the OWM's for the rear two channels, PSW series for the sub. They sound absolutely excellent. My friend who has a complete B&W set up was amazed that mine sounds better than his. 


Hope this helps a bit, and welcome to the club.

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Two channel or home theater?

If you don't want or need a multichannel set up to mostly watch movies, don't get an AV receiver. If you want a home theater, there are better forums that are geared to that like the home theater shack and many others. Stereophile implies two channel. What exactly are you looking for?

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If I was in your sutuation I would get a pair of good floorstanding speakers and hang onto the boxes and packing materials for shipping them when you need to move. I would put those together with an amplifier or receiver and let it go at that.

A pair of Monitor Audio M6 speakers would be a great choice, and they are available for around $500/pair at Audio Advisor.

THe Monitor Audio M1 speakers are $200/pair if you decide to get rear speakers.

I would recommend the Denon AVR-1612 receiver for good sound quality, a good list of features, and overall quality. You can find it for around $300 at Amazon and other websites. Check out the review on it at Home Theater magzine's website (Stereophile's sister publication). Save the box.

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