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Thanks Stephen--it's true I won't be 40 for another couple of weeks... Yeesh...
While only around a third of my vinyl is visible above, if I had all the records I've ever purchased in my "few" years, my collection would have to be twice it's current size.
Those speakers are actually original gibbon 8s from around 5-6 years ago, not Super 8s, but I'm glad you liked 'em!

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I've never heard [i]Cafe de Paris[/i] -- is it good?

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>Those speakers are actually original gibbon 8s from around 5-6 years ago, not Super 8s, but I'm glad you liked 'em!

Oops, my bad. Thanks for the correction, John. (I'll make a little edit, cuz that's what us editors do.)

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Thanks Stephen, I guess. Kinda makes me complain about nothing. Better wierd than wrong, right?
Hey Jeff, Marlene is her usual, smoky self. One part Sarah Vaughn, two parts Bob Dylan. [i]BTW[/i], nice caricatures. I was an illustrator for several years when I first got to NYC. You have a great eye, as evidenced by your picking out a record jacket from an album you've never even heard...

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Thanks! Wes showed me your 'Year of the Dog' drawing which I liked very much. It was loose, quick, and confident. Seeing such good structure in a fast drawing, it was clear you've got chops. It's not surprising you were an illustrator. I'd like to see more of your work. I was also wondering what's going on in the Vietnamese poster on the wall? Do those 2 people have their backs to a big coffee urn?

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>Better wierd than wrong, right?

For those, if any, who read the photo description and choose not to read the comments, we're right on all counts now.

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Thanks Jeff. The poster has a central standing woman holding a round tray of some sort, with the two workers flanking her diligently making an oil lamp and a tea pot. The caption reads something like, "Work hard and make useful things"
My wife is a Vietnamese American, she got the poster in Hanoi sometime in the 90's.

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I think that those speakers and that vinyl collection are making me want to get and throw on some music :D

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