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Well, you certainly look like you could play that thing. In fact, that pic looks like an album cover.

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That pic is from about 1994. That was before prednisone (asthma) ruined my eyes forcing cataract surgery. The glasses are now gone except for reading. I play only by ear and that is what happens when you choose to play baseball as a youth instead of practicing piano. That is one of the biggest regrets of my life. Our son, Nick, 11, is taking trumpet lessons and I hope he stays with it. My youngest grown son, Jon Tavegia, is a great drummer as he took lessons from Berkley Grad Rick Rocapriori and others. Our daughter sings as does our oldest son.

The original thought was to make an album of original compositions, but my asthma became so bad I gave up the fight. Singing and playing was just not in the cards. I do sing solos at church, but I must carefully pick my music to my current abilities. I am singing at a revival on 4.24. "Do not put off until tomorrow what you can do today"!

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>That was before prednisone (asthma) ruined my eyes...

Yikes. I have also been an asthmatic all my life, and survive on a cocktail of pills and inhalers. But fortunately, no prednisone!

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