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How are you using the DEQ2496?

I just picked one up recently and am still figuring it out as I go.


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Hi Bill, 

I'm bypassing the Squeezebox's internal DAC and feeding it's digital ouitput via Toslink optical cable into the DEQ, then digital out to the DCX, then converting to analog using the DAC in the DCX.  When I'm using the Squeezebox, I'm using it's volume control and bypassing my Carver C1 preamp.  

I love the DEQ2496 and the DCX2496.  The learning curve is a bit steep and the user manuals aren't much help but I finally got reasonably proficient with it.  I use the parametric EQ's in the DCX to set the baseline EQ, then fine tune using the RTA/mic multi-band graphic in the DEQ.   

I've read mixed reviews about the Beghringer stuff but I have to say it sounds fantastic to me and has all the features I and flexibility I could ever dream of and all at an unbelievable price.    

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Would that be an Audio Control C-101 I see in your picture?


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Yes sir, Jeff, that's an Audio Control C101 and I have the mic too.  I bought it new back in the 80's and it's still as dead-quiet as ever and higher quality than most new analog units hands down.   I don't really need it anymore because I'm using the Beghringer these days but I love its LED light show so much that I can't bear to part with it.  I keep it hooked up in the tape monitor loop (bypassed) just for looks.  Besides, I just recapped that thing last year.  

(I've got another one too :-)


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I used to have one as well. Like you, I bought mine in the early 80's. I absolutely loved the owners manual that came with mine. It was a blue colored thing and they used  cartoon pigs to show you how to wire your system. It was funny to say the least. Yes it does have a great light show! The light show was always the first thing that anyone who came over commented on.     You have two of them ... I'm jealous!

Mine provided years of great memories!


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