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I love it. I had an old 4155 NAD tuner I wish I had kept. My NAD cassette is about to give up the ghost and need to probably replace it soon with my "last" one. I can just feel the RIAA police surfing this gallery, looking for photos of CDRs...whoops there is the knock on the door. Gotta go.....

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The RIAA police, heck, they ain't nothing. It's those motion picture guys you gotta worry about and I have a package of dual layer DVD+R's clearly visable in the above photo. I wonder what I'll be using those discs for? Why making backup copies of Mikey's turntable setup video, what else!!

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Now you are bootlegging something of real value. LIghts, camera, action, hhhheeeeeerrrreeeees Mickey!

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