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I see the Miles Davis icon (Francis Wolf photo?), but is that a Chet Baker action figure to the right?

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The photo just says Miles Davis "Kinda Blue" but I believe that it is indeed the famous Francis Wolf photo from the Kind of Blue recording sessions.

As for the Chet Baker action figure to the right, you're way off, son, I say, way off. Why that's none other than the famous Napoleon Dynamite. And it's not an action figure but a talking one, with 21 of Napoleon's best loved quotes, like "Sweet", "Gross", You guys are retarded", "Yeeesssss!!", "But my lips hurt real bad!" and many others. I just love having 20 and 18 old daugthers who give me such wonderful Christmas presents. Just for the record, I was the first one to tell them both about "Napoleon Dynamite", long before the film became such a cult hit on must college campuses.

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I guess the "but my lips hurt real bad" threw me off.

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