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Sweet ride, JA.

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Love it. My step-father bought a 1960 180b Mercedes sedan in beautiful "French Vanilla Cream" color. It was the best car I ever drove and later owned. No rattles in turning the speedometer 2 times. After my sophomore year in college I blew a valve guide and that summer completely rebuilt it by hand, including grinding the valve seats by hand. Single barrel downdraft carburetor, points and condenser ( remember those when a normal guy could tune up his own car?) Those were the days. I had to take out a link from the bicycle chain timing belt. And, sadly no radio or air conditioning. The best car seats I have ever sat in.

It was still running in 1991 as I saw it and the current owner going back home to my HS 25th reunion. The body was a little rough. Still kicking.

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If it ain't GERMAN, it ain't a car. 227,000+ on my 98 Jetta GLX VR-6 it's a quest now, 300,000. It just keeps on going and going, still tracks in a straight line at 80MPH on open highway and handles better than brand new Chevys I've rented. Benz, they invented the car, they perfected the car.

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