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Wait a minute...electric ukulele???

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Yes, he has a pickup installed and uses a variety of effects. He's like Jimi Hendrix and Andres Segovia rolled into one, but on the ukulele! He's capable of shifting from powerful to nuanced and delicate instantaneously. His tone and the delivery of notes made the hairs on my neck dance. His strumming is graceful and beautiful to look at and it's even more awe inspiring that these fluorishes have such controlled purpose. I think he's playing at Joe's Pub in July and I'm going to try to see him again. I spoke to him about his gear after the show I saw in March, and he said he gets a much more natural wood tone from a passive preamp (which he prefers), but, he didn't think most people would appreciate the sound (apart from someone like me), so he used an active one for the show. I believe he told me he uses Radial passive preamps.

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