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Jadis JA30Mk2..with KT150's...a better solution to a JA200Mk2!

In the current issue of the magazine there is a review by JVS of the new Jadis JA 200Mk2....or should I say a slam of this amp!!
While I have not heard the new version under review, I own the new Jadis JA30Mk2 with KT150's and it is none of the things that JVS says about the JA200Mk2. The Jadis JA30 Mk2 is IMO the sweet spot of the whole Jadis line. It does not put out prodigious amounts of heat..since it only uses two KT150's per channel. ( Unlike the JA200Mk2, which uses 10 per channel...nuts!! ).plus the amp has potent deep bass reproduction and highs that are airy and open..if your speakers and room set up can reproduce that. These amps need a no DAC's or other lesser devices to drive them upstream please. Also, the strapping needs to be at the 4-8ohm setting for almost all speakers...unless they are Wilson Alexia's, LOL. Lastly, the power cord that they use has to be picked carefully. Once all this is done, the JA30Mk2's will produce a superb SQ.
As they say, particularly in this hobby, experience is very necessary to find the 'synergy' between cannot just plunk down one component and hope that it has the necessary synergy with the rest of your system....and Jadis amps require a little experience in the hobbyist to get the most out of them!

Therefore, to those interested, if you have a chance to listen to the new Jadis Mk2 amps, I believe it will be a pleasant experience...and if you happen to be JVS......

...Go out and see if you can source the JA30mk2....failing that, see if you can re-listen to the JA200mk2's...this time with the right ancillary gear and with the correct strapping of the may be surprised what they can do. ( as to the heat they give off....well in S.CAlif, that's still a problem!!!)

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