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Jack Bybee's new Room Neutralizers

See the recent review by Stereo Times of the new Jack Bybee Room Neutralizers. Here's what the reviewer wrote at the end of his review...

"Nonetheless, I am revisiting because as time has gone by I am more and more impressed with Bybee’s Room Neutralizers, and I sincerely would like to influence you to try them. They are far and away the most singular and extraordinary device I have ever had the privilege to audition. I have tried to think of new phrases, new and creative adjectives and similes with which to describe their effects, but I am just not that creative and I might well end in simply repeating myself. To do so would bore you and me, and I don’t want to do that. But I do want to assure you that in the several weeks have gone by and the numerous CDs I’ve played since my review was published, I continue discovering new and astonishing improvements in the quality of the sound. The entire character of this stereo has changed. It is a far classier system than I ever imagined owning."

Read the entire review at,

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