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J.A. recommendation of Shelby Lynne's Just a Little Loving.

I believe it was JA that was waxing lyrical about Sheby Lynne's cd Just a Little Loving, so I bought it and was similary impreressed with it recording and musical presentation, I do believe it's just a touch heavy in the lower registers for the first few tracks, but soon evens out, no compression that I can hear, quite sounds are way back and quiet, and it has good explosive loud transient sounds. Now this album was done in 2008 by UMG Recordings

So I thought I'd get another Sheby Lynn called Revelation Road much later recording done in 2011 by Everso Recordings, sad how engineers can stuff things up so bad, there are no soft sounds everything is loud, it has been butchered by compression, very clean still, but nowhere near as enjoyable as Just a Little Loving, when are they going to learn, that no sounds in life are compressed, why do it to our music that we love to listen to!!!!!!!!


My Rant have a listen to it JA 


Cheers George  

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