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Smokin'!!! It was GREAT FUN, Educational too. Cool dudes John and Jeff. I'm a subscriber for life, after meeting the people behind the pages!!!

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DUP, that's good to hear, but, of the two of us, John is the only one behind the pages of Stereophile; I was just tagging along. I think the sense of serenity in this pic has to do with "Rhapsody in Blue" playing at a lowered volume. Had it been the Jimmie D. Lane track at typical DUP levels, this would've looked like a Maxell ad.

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Oh, I didn't show ya' my Maxell poster, I have that in the "equipment room" I have that famous image of the stuff moving back. That inspired me in my early years, it gave me a goal in life, to move things with SOUND!!!!

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They are just floor standing HEADPHONES, what, you never heard of floor standing headphones? Crank it baby!!! And keep it clean and detailed at VOLUME, kinda like that thing called LIVE!!!!!!


No sense of proportion there! I guess John's listening position is less than ten feet from the plane of the speakers. My new apartment forced me to sit less than 10 ft from a pair of Paradigm Reference 80 and had to get rid of them and buy bookshelf spkrs. Big spkrs at that distance simply don't do it.

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Excellent speakers. Excellent room. Very Old World. Which we need more of now.

There's a hippie on the sofa, though.

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Coolest (JA & Speakers)

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