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Ivor Tiefenbrun presents at London Audio-London, Ontario, Canada

London Audio is excited to announce that on April 16th from 1:00pm until 4:00pm we will host Ivor Tiefenbrun, the founder of Linn Products, as he discusses the history of Linn audio products and demonstrates the new Exakt Akubarik system in our store. From the legendary LP12 turntable to the new Exakt system, Linn products have changed the way we listen to audio. After being disappointed with the sound from a newly purchased sound system in the early 70's, Ivor experimented with creating a turntable that was not influenced by the sonic nature of the loudspeakers in the room. With the help of his father and engineer and some skilled colleagues ivor helped create one of the most influential audio products of the last 50 years and to this day the LP12 is a stunning playback system and Mr. Tiefenbrun will talk about that and other benchmarks that Linn has achieved over the years.

Come join us to learn about the evolution of sound with Ivor Tiefenbrun and Linn. He will present the future or audio playback as he personally demonstrates the Exakt Akubarik digital audio system and a Klimax LP-12.

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