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IPad/Itouch for radio

Hey Guys,

I was curious if anyone is running their Ipad or Itouch through their amp to get internet radio and local radio stations. I'm planning on getting a NAD amp instead of getting a NAD reviever/amp combo to save some money and get a slightly better amp. I still enjoy the local radio stations mostly because I live in the sticks and my internet is expensive and the reception is poor at times too. I will be playing itunes throught it aswell. Basically is it worth getting an amp/reciever or should I just get the amp and run an ipad or mp3 player through it for radio.


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Internet streaming has limitations which become more obvious

when using more resolving equipment. mp3 files are highly compressed and do not sound good on good equipment.

An amp would also require loudspeakers. What are you planning to do for those?

Are you listening to local radio stations over the air? If so, that will require a tuner or a receiver. If you are listening to radio over the internet, even "high-res" streams are at diminished resolution. It might not be worth getting good equipment if all it will do is make the deficiencies in your sources more evident.

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