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Integrated amp for KEF ls50


Last week I purchased the KEF ls50 speakers. At this moment they are driven by a marantz sr5008 receiver. I really like these little speakers so I want to give them the juice they need. I think a good integrated amp can produce better stereo sound than the sr5008 receiver?

The only integrated amp I already heard at this moment is the peachtree nova125 which i found sound too bright in combination with ls50. It lacked some warmth...

Any recommendations for an integrated amp which pairs well with these speakers? The only issue is I had like to use the integrated amp with a subwoofer, AV bypass function and I wont pay more than 1300$/1000€.

thanks in advance!

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Check out

The NAD 356BEE. It will sound a touch warmer and will deliver a touch more power at 80w. It is $799 without the internal DAC.

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I bought a NAD 356BEE amplifier, and in my book it really sucked. I got rid of it.

My 326BEE worked much better.

There was something wrong with the overall sound balance with that amp. The bass and treble has a totally different character. I tried it with 3 different sets of speakers, and finally got rid of it.

I would recommend one of the amplifiers from Arcam, Musical Fidelity, or Creek.

The Musical Fidelity M3i is very good.

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As an experiment,the top

As an experiment,the top Qinpu is worth checking out. Other than that,depending on budget,the Creek Destiny is an awesome amp. Above that... Accuphase 200 series is fantastic. Unless you need more power it is a reference. I have a 306v and wish I had gone with the 200. I have never needed the additional power reserve.

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I don't own the ls50's but I

I don't own the ls50's but I do have experience with KEF and my 93.5 db sensitive speakers didn't sound natural until I bi-amped with 2 200 wpc 8 ohm amps. I buy used gear to stay in my budget and if I can get a $3000.00 krell for $1200 a few years old i'm good. Check out audiogon.

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